It could be a different blog and perhaps that would be the easiest to do, especially on the Internet. You delete everything and start over, presenting a new profile/self. I didn't want to do that, I saw no reason to!

As we let go of former parts ( articles) we simultaneously integrate them in new understanding, new shapes of expression that represent the transformed whole that we can be. Responsibility comes with knowing / remembering not forgetting, trying to forgive, which is a form of denial of who we are.

Although everything has already changed, the wholeness cannot yet be seen as it takes specific, linear steps in space and time to be shown.

Nothing is separated from everything else so I will continue to write about all and anything that I think should be said, from all areas of our lives. After all, I don't separate them as "spiritual" and "non-spiritual". Friends, readers and students already know that about me and my "philosophy", which is not structured or framed in any method or name.

I continue to belong to my Self only, answering to no one but my own consciousness as I gain understanding, receive insight and do my best in passing it on to those who would free their minds and find meaning - true meaning - in their lives.

The one-to-one sessions continue, as I continue to believe that each person has their own code of understanding and communication, their own needs and their own unique outlook on life, which I must respect and enter.

The forum, with its English section, also continues and is open only to its subscribed members, where we can honestly and sincerely share our viewpoints and help each other on our own paths. If our English-speaking friends rise in numbers, we will form an entirely new English forum, separate from the Greek. For more information or any questions about his, please contact me via the contact form of the blog.

More specifically "about" the blog, would be in reading the articles and becoming a friend/reader on the blog. Quite a challenge will so much information existing nowadays...

Welcome to our “Self Synthesis”!

Xristiana Sophia

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