July 18, 2017

No Identity

The matrix wants you to sink in negativity, pity, Self-doubt (not the same as self-doubt). 
Words don't form easily anymore, when you begin to decode its secrets. They have all already been used to code the reality you have adopted.

It feels like you're sinking in time, blackness, exhaustion, anger, disgust, hatred; it's all there, no matter how much you attempt to hide or control it.

You first have to recognize where you are. You can't pretend not to be there.

It can always go lower, deeper. Because it can always go a lot higher. Why have we believed that it can't? That there is a "bottom" that we touch? A childish belief that we need to cling to.

May 19, 2017

Mystical pathways

Linear thinking doesn’t have the same mechanisms, logic, understanding, as the deeper, non-limited higher mind. Words have also different vibrations on different levels of consciousness.

You have to want to access your deeper/higher mind. It doesn’t come “naturally”, neither is it “on display”, so that you may “chose from”. That wanting has to be a deep burning, a yearning like no other, which will aid you in passing the layers of linear mind, remain devoted through the trials and barriers and passionate enough to be disciplined and humble yet self-respecting through the process.

May 16, 2017


Happiness has very little to do with being happy or sad. It's not an emotional state, for emotions change, come and go, and all are welcome and accepted equally. 

"Happiness" is not even a correct word, for it belongs to the mind's concepts, fears, desires, beliefs, categorizations. Neither is "joy", "bliss" or any other word the correct one, for they each have their opposites, are already interpreted by the linear mind, excluding as much as they contain. The collective consciousness has yet to discover a term that best describes this much deeper state that virtual realities and the linear mind cannot reach.

May 10, 2017


So much to think about, to be creative, to help you!
But most of your thoughts are like trying to catch a falling star. They're so quick and so many. You blink and they're gone.

But you have been taught to "quieten your mind", to "stop your thoughts"...

If you're not familiar with and in tune with your own Mind, don't tell me what else you have mastered.

"Something to show". But what if what you have to show doesn't belong to this space-time? What if it cannot yet be seen, let alone be evaluated or categorized?

May 7, 2017

An all-powerful defense mechanism

The mind is selective. 

That’s a fact, not a preference. 

It’s the fundamental quality of individuation; the very reason of space-time creation. 

Every organ in an orchestra makes up the orchestra and the music it produces. There is much more in this simplified statement…

The art of existence begins AFTER the conscious realization of this fact.

April 19, 2017

The Return

The return... We must return. From "the same" path that we entered.

The return will be quicker, much quicker. The climb up was long, hard, beautiful and agonizing. The return will be purely apocalyptic. There comes a time/realization that future and past are the same, can be known.

I recognize the pathways. I walked, climbed, crawled, jumped, paved them myself.

People have so many misconceptions about “menopause” (what a word!), “aging”, “life”, “youth”… Thus society celebrates and respects none...

What a journey! Our words can’t yet find correct descriptions.
As I am contracting, so I am expanding. As I am withdrawing from society, so am I relating, communicating with/for those who understand.

January 6, 2017

Our Nature

For some unexplainable reason - the linear mind never knows beforehand but always pretends to know (if it's not controlled, given its proper role all over again) - yesterday I wanted to take a short stroll by the beach. I don't like the cold and wind. Yesterday was a windy, winter's day!

The waves were hitting the shore in rage, the wind was blowing my hair all over the place, the sky was gray, the clouds were piling up, moving closer and seeming highly threatening. Oddly enough, I wasn't feeling cold, but I still had no idea why I was there, other than "taking a walk on the beach on a winter's day" wasn't in my experiences. So, I enjoyed, I observed, I sensed, I emptied my mind...

December 10, 2016

The Forgiveness Hoax/Code

Little words made to seem big... "I'm sorry", "please forgive me"...

Virtual realities that you can see when you enter the world of coding the matrix/consciousness or the "dream worlds".

All lies...not "lies" as we perceive the meaning but made-believe worlds of experiences that we enter at will, whether consciously or (usually) unconsciously. 

September 19, 2016

On Reacting

The way you react, answer to someone, talk about something that you did or didn't do when confronted, especially when confronted by someone you care about or are afraid of on some level, shows what you REALLY believe, who  you REALLY are!

Reactions reveal quite plainly who we really are, thinking we are someone else, somewhere else than where we truly are!

No matter what analysis you reach with your surface, thinking mind, what promises you make to yourself or others, what understanding you think you've reached, the way you carry yourself about and interact with the world, will always show who you really are.

August 19, 2016

Follow your heart?

The ego is totally by-passed in decisions of the Spirit. 

When these “meetings” occur, whether with another person or with an important decision in life, which are quite rare, it’s the Spirit “walking in”, giving no choice to the ego.

That’s why, later on, it (the ego) can’t remember the specifics, it can’t “use” memory, it can’t break down and analyze. It’s a relationship/decision that transcends both heart and mind. You find yourself already "in it", before the linear mind has any chance of realizing it is so.