May 14, 2016

A non-existent enemy

Sometimes life seems to scare us, when a possibility of reality knocks on our door that we think we didn’t ask for or is too painful/scary to imagine.

Spending time mentally negotiating with life is entirely pointless, although it seems the logical thing to do. But it is entirely illogical….it is only habitual…

I see my differentiated presence/action, where once, in a time that seems long ago, there was unconscious reaction…

Presented with an upcoming, almost certain probability, I see fear making its presence. A very different “fear” than society’s specifications of it, and all that I have been taught to believe about it, in my younger years.

February 22, 2016

Subliminal thinking

Discovering or rather uncovering the subliminal programs is not an end but a necessity for the continuation of our journey. There can be no individual responsibility before this, no mind opening realizations, no spiritual evolution, no freedom without it.

In our subliminal thinking lie all the explanations, not the answers that we seek. Answers are always found spontaneously, effortlessly, in the synthesis of the moment's information. Explanations extend through patters and layers of coding, which reveal our individual and collective dreams.

January 1, 2016

Falling in Love

Few of us know or are prepared for falling in love. We don't realize what it means, we don't decode symbols, we can't see beyond the linear surface of our lives. And so, we easily fall out of love!

The greatest force of the universe is in front of our eyes, in everything that surrounds us, all that we are, and yet, it remains unnoticed, as we continue to focus on all that we think we seek, avoiding to get consumed by love. But, all that we seek and find outside of this, is always less, unfulfilling and small. For nothing can compare, match or surpass the state of being in love.

We are correct in being afraid of it... and so it must be as we become worthy, strong and transparent!

We have a romantic, utopic idea of "being in love"; the union, the merging of worlds. But the more esoteric, wholistic this union is, the bigger/wider/deeper the effect, the sensation and the stirring without, in all directions, seen and unseen.

November 19, 2015

The traveler

If we don’t appreciate that which is lost, we don’t appreciate that which is coming.

Changes are fast but only if we can observe beyond the surface of the mind. The waves rise and fall, perhaps not as evident on the outside; to others. Linear reality doesn’t work that way. It works in a straight line, reaches a peak and then falls.

It’s an outward and an inward expression. It’s a reaching out and a withdrawing. It’s a pulse of the heart.

Some ideas are non-negotiable but why not? What can harm the Essence if a question is formed? What can the raptures cause except more possibilities that she wants to consider?

September 27, 2015

On the threshold of time and space

We are not really "going home" unless we can turn our whole life around and move forward into our past, through a different perspective.

It's funny, but words don't reveal the true meaning to the sentence above, no matter how much they try. Perhaps they are not meant to. Perhaps some words must just exist is no time, hovering over  still untouched realitites, until consciousness is at a stage of revealing them...

In the midst of war, illness and decay, we are summoned to lift ourselves, lifting our world into new beginnings; like nothing we've experienced before, like nothing our history books record. 

When all roles have been played and understood, the challenge is to let them go respecting them as we do, for they have served the purpose of understanding, of connecting the scattered parts. Hidden symbols of our dreams have played themselves out, so that we may connect the virtual world we call reality, with our inner wisdom and understanding.

It's been a long, bumpy road for those of us who have chosen to enfold Ariadne's clue...the vital lead that many times along our way we seemed to have lost but never did. But our training has been essential, following the difficult choices we have made.

The greatest knowledge is kept secret, hidden from curious eyes. The saying acquires yet a new meaning. Through long and patient digging, in the depths of our core Self, the challenge is to surface that which we have yet not revealed, even to ourselves.

From a unique, individual place of revelations, all pieces merge to unite, not only our own self but our troubled world too. The responsibility is huge, for we realize the relevance. As opposites become all that they can and should be, as they totally reverse, revealing their hidden parts, they also merge into one non-separable unity, becoming whole, canceling out illusion and all disconnected realities.

Each of us have our own parts to play, being at the same time separated in our individual choices for we need to make them alone, but also connected as never before in our contributions.

It is a time of great courage, new choices that we didn’t have before, which we can now see clearly and so must accept. It is also a time of great humility, for we cannot discuss or trumpet our discoverings or our moves, which we realize only when we accept making them. The meaning of sharing/connecting/co-creating changes completely, as we undertake our own, individual choices.

As time collapses and revealed apocalypses transform linear space in one great collage, we stand at the threshold of eternity, waiting for and choosing our next choice. We are all and we are new. We choose to create anonymously and yet our significance can transform worlds, galaxies and planets. The perfect balance where time stands still and yet is all "sucked into" the dark heart of our soul, birthing new life, Spirit never left our side!

But none of this is apparent, as the worlds collide, the opposites fiercely clash, as quakes and turbulences challenge our perception and call our sleeping hearts to awaken and take action; unidentified action, in a dream of violent masculines and victimized feminines, in all their obscured manifestations.  

For it is only in choosing and committing to our True Self that the newborn emerges and reveals itself in form. A choice we have never made before and yet we must bring forth. 

Xristiana Sophia

September 25, 2015

Active, continuous meditation

We become impatient, frustrated, disappointed and so on and so forth because we consider whatever we choose to do as important and worthwhile; as if the whole world evolves around it. "Everyone should participate, care and take apart, as well as agree; see our point of view. They should become equally committed and enthusiastic or just as consumed by our "cause" or else they are opposite us; strangers.

When you can stand back and take a clear, objective look at the ego and how it thinks as well as reacts to everything, it seems so funny and childish. And yet, everything is so serious, demanding and dramatic for it. It's so easy to lose one's Self in issues, in details that become wholes and in subjective perceptions that seem objective and collective. It's amazing!

The previous is not "wrong" because commitment, passion and full devotion to our choices is essential, to be able to serve that which we do in life. What is needed is balance!

September 4, 2015

Way Beyond Words...

When I stand back and put everything in a wider perspective, it's obvious to me that it is not i who leads my life but an intelligence far greater than the mind can grasp.

Ιt doesn't matter whether i say "yes" or "no" to something. It's a "yes" if it's meant to be a yes, no matter what i  or anyone else thinks, no matter what seems to be happening, no matter how much time is needed for the "yes" to manifest, as "time" is a conception, irrelevant to this level of perception. And no power of this world or anywhere else can change that, no matter how much is "exposed", insisting on the opposite.

August 24, 2015

Learning to trust

People are always talking about “inner guidance” and “trust” and all those wonderful things. But in many cases, these seem generalized concepts or repetitive words that have very little meaning or remain distant to our everyday lives.

Only by mastering through experience can we be truthful and helpful to others, through our own daily choices and way of living. 

Fully trusting our own inner guidance, not belief systems (they are totally different in essence and vibrations), is to acquire a whole different set of thinking. It has nothing to do with our usual thought patters which are linear, based on reason and surface knowledge.

August 12, 2015

The price of freedom

The truth is that the system (legal, financial, social...) can suck me, break me, destroy me at any moment it pleases... my ID or whatever it names as "me", that is!

But realizing that it is a system of fear, ignorance, cowardliness and myths, makes it all worthwhile, even if I stand alone.

In the land of the ego, "standing alone" is also interpreted, used and projected for self-importance, identity projection and personal gain. Each conclusion, that self-doubt comes to, makes me smile with understanding. I've been there...

August 11, 2015

The burden of choice

People often ask me why it takes so long to deprogram, to free the mind of the need of programming. It doesn’t! As with everything else, the concept is reversed.

We always seem to place the subject (ourselves) outside our thinking mode. This too is part of the programming. We imagine the problems to be outside and beyond our own self, whom we see as powerless, small and insignificant.