July 20, 2014

Innocence replaces blame

But oh, how we love fairy tales! We think/wish that we can automatically change anything by turning our focus on that which we want/wish for.

Believing the New Age mentality we are led to assume that “all we have to do” is focus on what we want, who we want to be and automatically, everything will change, our perspective will have shifted and we will be “born anew”.

If you followed these sentimental, advertising testimonials through time, you would discover to your (negative) amazement, that 9/10 they are not true; just stand-up expressions of wishful thinking and temporary excitement. Life doesn’t work that way! But we continue to hope and believe that it does. Hope and belief has us "running after rainbows" that would magically change our reality in an instant, when in reality, we fear of realizing our hidden truth.

July 2, 2014

From a different perspective

For some reason, and out of seeming “nowhere”, I’ve ended up researching “fractals” this morning; a word I’ve never even heard of, as I am not too familiar with mathematical terms.

I can remember exactly how I go there: from where I began (the initial site, article and words that caught my attention), what followed and exactly what steps I used to get there; to eventually reach that "something" that highly interested me for many reasons. The more I researched, the more I discovered that I already knew (from a totally different viewpoint, using completely different words, terms and images), but at the same time... there was still so much to learn and uncover!

Yet all this linear remembering DOES NOT matter. It just shows me a few undeniable truths:

July 1, 2014

You could (and should) doubt everything

The moment that you realize that you need to continuously doubt everything that you know – and I mean EVERYTHING – is a terrifying and at the same time THE most liberating moment of your entire life because after this, you start living!

I could state everything that I know entirely differently. I could expand on it and subtract from it, without being “wrong”. This is our polymorphic, paradox reality, deriving from our multidimensional selves that we are here to explore. Remaining attached to one-sided, limited, dense identities, keeps the laws of creation and destruction, unity and separation hidden and horribly deformed. 

We create and destruct whole worlds constantly, not realizing that we are doing it, each moment of every day. The whole purpose before we go any “higher”; to other planes of existence, is to learn to do it simultaneously, by integrating the opposites and stop categorizing, judging, which creates polarities.

June 24, 2014

Time travelers

Dreams within dreams within dreams!

In the dream you cannot manipulate “reality”, where you still need to face and fight with outer influences, which are projections (but very real), as well as face your inner demons. Inside these dreams you hurt, you die, you feel all the emotions, linear time exists. It’s only when you wake up from the specific dream that you realize that you are still alive and well and time takes on a new meaning.

And then, you realize that you still within a dream…

June 18, 2014

You don't have to... but you do!

You have to keep moving.

You have to dare risking.

You have to be prepared to fall and to hurt.

You have to focus of your immediate next step, which you pick out of the endless possibilities before you.

You have to be willing to endure, to let go, to devote yourself consciously.

You have to always desire to unlearn and relearn.

You have to be courageous to contract.

You have to be prepared to expand. You have to be centered and flexible at the same time.

June 14, 2014

Nothing to decide

We think that we decide and we really do have many decisions to make in a single day, let alone a lifetime. Yet every statement is true on the level of perception and nowhere else. That being said, this article is focusing on a more widened, peripheral vision or whatever else you like to call the expanded view/mind.

We make our decisions long before even the problem of choice arises in our linear lives. Yet we don’t know this. Basically, we make our choices long before we reach “here”, on another "level" of beingness. Then, we try to make sense of those decisions, thinking we are making choices, which we truly  understand. It sounds paradoxically funny, and yet that’s how most of us spend our energy during our short lifetimes.

June 11, 2014


Sometimes I think that I am the only one with “brains” for miles around. And then, there are also times when I think that I must have lost my mind, somewhere down the line. In either case, it’s never lonely “in here” because precisely due to the above, I am free to allow my mind to wonder and explore within and without, beyond matrices or piercing them deeply and also to remain totally empty and still.

And yet, I continue…

Sometimes, knowing nothing and something discovering or uncovering something. As weird as it may seem, I think that this is one of the characteristics that make me a teacher, a guide, a co-creator or however else one wishes to name it. I wouldn’t have it any other way from my own teachers either.

June 3, 2014

On Ethics and Free Will

We are each educated on specific ethical systems, depending on where and when we live. Most of us spend much of our life evaluating this taught ethical system, changing our ideas perhaps and searching for a more coherent and acceptable ethical system, which we can believe in and follow.

It is only when we dare to exit all the systems, all theories of knowledge that we begin to grasp the magnitude of the matrices that we form, by our own focus of attention. 

Perhaps the following will sound frightening at first or simply too radical to be worthy of your focused attention. But then truth is never dependent on our temporary ability of accepting or understanding it or not.

Our challenge is always the same one; can we exit all systems of thought and free our mind enough to explore?

May 29, 2014

Where the money goes

If you want to see where the world is heading, look towards where the money is going. But look closely, even if it hurts or if it makes your beliefs uncomfortable.

And don’t blame the money; that’s a child’s reaction. In fact, when you start blaming, you are caught in the middle of a tornado that will keep swirling you around like feather, lost in the wind.

So, where IS the money going? The amazing thing is that money does not hide. Take a look…

May 27, 2014

The ultimate Love Story

When the heart is silent, the mind must remain watchful; like a devoted, loving warrior, protecting his one and only love.

When the heart expresses, the whole world connects with her grace, truth and elegant magnificence.

The balanced dance of the two, which cannot go unnoticed, as all remain still, in awe.

He is the strength, the stability, the trust, the ultimate warrior.

She is amazingly flexible, as he supports her every move. She is the beauty, the daring, the confident adoration that makes her "fly" in soft, feather-like movements.

Together they create a unique dance on the stage of life that cannot be copied or ignored.

We have learned everything backwards…