April 14, 2014

Wisdom of a Warrior

I think that our childhood heroes speak directly to our soul and reveal an inner (most often hidden) part of us. Bruce Lee was my childhood hero, whom I still honor and respect, for many different reasons nowadays…

I also don’t think that we are meant to teach others through our own interpretations of great men’s words. For this reason, I will not enter my own thoughts in between the following Bruce Lee quotes but allow each one to think for themselves, expanding our own consciousness, according to what we each need at the present time.

More than we think we know...

We need to redefine so many things… practically everything that we think we know. And as each new definition is reached, causing transformation within, we discover that there is yet more undiscovered “ground” to reach.

It is hard for the linear mind to perceive that nothing can harm us, nothing and no one is against us and that life is secured. It is my opinion that not only is it hard for the linear mind to capture but impossible too. For the simple reason that it is not its “job” to know! And yet, we have been taught and trained to use a very small portion of our surface mind, excluding the majority of our abilities and possibilities.

There is so much that the linear, left brain does not “pick up” and yet we walk around assuming that we know and control reality, when in real truth, our senses and left brain are blind to 99% of all that is! We are taught to rationalize, intellectualize and choose between the opposites that we perceive. But cultivating and using our right brain, has its benefits…

April 13, 2014

Laying the Foundations

We are all out researching, learning, planning, creating, designing, healing our everyday lives, moment by moment. That’s one side of reality; each one in our own and in collective (group) realities that we have chosen to participate in. What many of us fail to realize is what is behind all this, how all this happens.

Sure, we want to learn, we are creative beings. We are constantly searching for new methods, improved theories, unique inventions and art forms, which would make our lives easier, more meaningful, more productive. And yet, what we still need to realize is the process; the mechanism of the whole process of invisible and manifested reality.

April 9, 2014

Would you show this to your children?

I love documentaries. I cannot even begin to count how many I’ve seen over the years. I loved this one too… but in so many other ways that words cannot even begin to express.

It takes a strong heart and a clear mind to watch without fast-forwarding or cutting it half way. That’s my personal experience. At the end, I decided that I couldn’t show this to my young child… and that’s the greatest issue for me!

Thinking about what we can tell our kids or not, what we could show our kids or not, has always been a crucial point of “correct thinking”, which steered me in the right direction.

Many questions rise after watching this documentary… see for yourself…

April 1, 2014


People think that they know you from your name and thus decide to listen to you or not. We have all done this, we all give in to this reality, whether we have consciously observed it or not.

Not only that, but according to your name (who they think that you are and your social presence), they are already preparing their answer within their own minds accordingly – unconsciously.

We are taught/educated to not listen, feel and experience the words but to pretend to know or investigate, based on the reflections that we see and all that we think that we know. In reality, we never really doubt all this.

March 30, 2014

Your Two Minds

We’re used to saying “I’m right brain dominant” or “I’m left brain dominant”, not really recognizing that “left brain" people also have a right brain and vice-versa. Furthermore, the new trend is to discard this theory altogether, based on “lack of scientific evidence”.

I will dare to cut through all the definitions, impressions, hypothesis and perceived concepts, beyond science and superstition, in an attempt to offer a little more practical understanding, through experience. For, beyond all the clear-cut views, physical evidence and structured thesis, there is another world, the least noted, the least appreciated; that of a right brain/chaotic mind/"unspecialized" person, who thinks outside any box.

March 22, 2014

Imagery and Illusions

Sometimes the linear mind does not understand and I realize that some of my articles seem "difficult" and vague. I used to run away from similar articles in the past. Now I have a better understanding of how the brain/mind works, and I realize that freedom of thought has to be an inner choice, not an imposed illusion. I also realize my responsibility in providing false images and false truths instead of pathways to our own inner wisdom.

It’s discernment and not escape from temptation that makes us balanced and centered.

March 19, 2014

Our roles with children

We tend to separate the roles, assuming that we can.
We do so because most of us don't recognize these roles within ourselves.

We do so because the mechanism of our thinking (left brain based) is totally isolated, distracted and disoriented.
Inevitably; through education, both within and without schools.

Yet different and often seemingly contradictory roles need to be equally present in child-raising. Friend, warrior, nurturer, coach, feminine, masculine, wise elder, healer, leader, follower, learner, adventurer, artist, etc, etc... Archetypes or roles, call them what you will. It's not the name that matters. It's the substance, which needs to be revealed in practice, where theories, rules and partial perceptions weave the reality of your learning ground.

March 18, 2014

Through the whole mind...

... even the word "whole" is an imposition.

I seem to be “out of time and out of space” this morning. It’s a weird but familiar feeling. I have grown to accept it and pay attention to it, while “teaching myself” to simultaneously exist within the time-frame of my physical existence. Sound familiar?

If only more of us didn’t limit our minds so much and welcomed our expanded state of consciousness. For many, this remains a theory, which they pack with lots of taught practices that have really nothing to do with what I am talking about.

It’s actually very practical and “down-to-earth” living, using the amazing abilities of your mind.

March 17, 2014

I Am because We Are

Universal Basic Income: "a society in which people work only because they have to have money is no better than slavery" - Enno Schmidt.

Can we turn this around?

In another world… which we could create if we wanted to…

Can we help each other grow?