March 1, 2015

Morals or no morals

There will always be strong opposition, false wars fought, man against man, reality against illusion, as long as we choose to attach to belief systems we call morals.

Vegans against non Vegans. Genetically modified plants against natural seeds/ farming. Open relationships against marriages. Schooling against unschooling. Alternative medicine against conventional medicine. Race superiority against individuals. 
Uniqueness against conformity, etc, etc.

February 22, 2015

What we need

We need the kind of teachers we are not used to listening to.

We need the kind of people we are not used to naming “normal”.

We need to realize that all that we say, think and do in our lives are choices we have not accepted on a conscious level.

February 9, 2015

The essence in the details

The people who succeed in anything are those who can observe the details. It’s the details that make one differ and stand out from the other.

Linear thinking tries to see results/consequences/gain, always on a temporary basis, judging through perception, convictions, beliefs, expectations, need, fear. Details are lost and so is substance and meaning.

Existing through the heart (or right brain) is to follow your passion, get absorbed in the present moment, where you can see eternity. Acting from your clearest knowing, the next moment is unknown, the outcome doesn’t concern you. Everything is here, now, as each moment is loved as your last; with gratitude, attention, devotion, respect and the willingness to sacrifice all. The courage to face success and failure in the same way; neither more or less important than the other, neither disturbing or preventing the whole.

January 11, 2015

Reporting the limiting (?)

Why don’t we understand that the more we focus on negative world events, the more power we give to them?

Why don’t we realize that the more we talk about them, report them in images and emotions, the more we don’t differ from those who design and carry them out?

Why can’t we see that circling such information doesn’t make us smart, knowledgeable nor does it give us control over our lives or reality?

The answer is not that simple to understand and realize through experience, until we willingly insert into our own mind to realize its mechanism, connect with more expanded levels of consciousness and recognize, through experience (beyond any doubt) how we create our reality… even all that we do not want. This realization extends far beyond ANY belief systems; even the more “enlightened” and positive” theories.

January 5, 2015

Trust your Heart

We reach a point where after all the “download” of information that we have sought, only our Heart is able to tell us the truth; above any illusion, beyond any confusion. Yet our Heart is perfectly mimicked by our own deceptive mind. How can we possibly know the difference when we have so often mistaken the one with the other?

There is nothing “out there” that could ever spot truth for you. There is no amount of information that can show you, reveal to you, your own Heart, which is the equivalent of soul, spirit, consciousness and ego into one. Ultimately, you will need to reach far beyond all influences, all information and remain alone, still and innocent. When you have finally willed and accomplished that, there you will find your Heart!

December 31, 2014

One more unique day

Yet another day begins, where the challenges are the same…

To connect the pieces

To see patterns

To create beyond the obvious

To see through illusions

To conquer life

To experience beyond linear time and separation

To harmonize all that limits our perception

November 20, 2014

Transmitting higher frequencies

When we “activate” ourselves on spiritual level, connect with our  ("higher")Self, things start functioning totally differently.

Being connected with our spirit, means that we have given up our own will, to the will of our Self, which is also our own anyway. For example, when you have a dilemma, a decision to make, you would have decided based on fear, subconscious programming, psychological and/or physical desire and so on, in the past. Yet now, you know that the decision has already been made and you need only quieten the linear mind, relax emotionally and remain open to receive that decision. That is trust!

November 8, 2014

A “little” drop in the ocean

There isn’t another – or there are so few that I don’t notice them because I have to “stand alone” – blogs, which are entirely self-sufficient, self-supported, which don’t rely on anyone else’s words, on already established beliefs or on needless advertisements and “freebies” to attract readers.

A difficult road to walk on, without the security of supporters, workers, followers and representatives, which would make the journey a much easier one.

Yet the calling of the true individuals, those who are sincerely ready to take responsibility of their own mind, their own reality and ultimately take the responsibility – in stern humility - of the whole world; of consciousness, does not rely in such methods, which we have used before.

October 24, 2014

The Buddha-like Victim

He lives his days as if he’s going to live forever.

He focuses on an end goal, not experiencing all the in between realities.

He accuses himself for the end result, which is only a natural, logical symptom of his chosen beingness; the way he chooses to react.

He makes up his own reality in his head, including everyone and anyone he wants in it, thinking for them but not with them. All alone he mixes and matches, he sets up and upturns whatever he wants, in the comfort of his lone making. There is no revealing, no sharing of that which he creates moment to moment in his head.

October 22, 2014

Honor Him!

Honor Him!
He has willingly been through a lot! The scars are deep and evident but his conquests are undeniably courageous and His own.

Honor Him!
His knowledge is irreplaceable. Your honor will turn it into wisdom. See everything He is in new eyes. He is The One!

Each time you dishonor Him, you deny yourself. Only you can see Him for you are His one and only choice, which has always been.