November 20, 2014

Transmitting higher frequencies

When we “activate” ourselves on spiritual level, connect with our  ("higher")Self, things start functioning totally differently.

Being connected with our spirit, means that we have given up our own will, to the will of our Self, which is also our own anyway. For example, when you have a dilemma, a decision to make, you would have decided based on fear, subconscious programming, psychological and/or physical desire and so on, in the past. Yet now, you know that the decision has already been made and you need only quieten the linear mind, relax emotionally and remain open to receive that decision. That is trust!

November 8, 2014

A “little” drop in the ocean

There isn’t another – or there are so few that I don’t notice them because I have to “stand alone” – blogs, which are entirely self-sufficient, self-supported, which don’t rely on anyone else’s words, on already established beliefs or on needless advertisements and “freebies” to attract readers.

A difficult road to walk on, without the security of supporters, workers, followers and representatives, which would make the journey a much easier one.

Yet the calling of the true individuals, those who are sincerely ready to take responsibility of their own mind, their own reality and ultimately take the responsibility – in stern humility - of the whole world; of consciousness, does not rely in such methods, which we have used before.

October 24, 2014

The Buddha-like Victim

He lives his days as if he’s going to live forever.

He focuses on an end goal, not experiencing all the in between realities.

He accuses himself for the end result, which is only a natural, logical symptom of his chosen beingness; the way he chooses to react.

He makes up his own reality in his head, including everyone and anyone he wants in it, thinking for them but not with them. All alone he mixes and matches, he sets up and upturns whatever he wants, in the comfort of his lone making. There is no revealing, no sharing of that which he creates moment to moment in his head.

October 22, 2014

Honor Him!

Honor Him!
He has willingly been through a lot! The scars are deep and evident but his conquests are undeniably courageous and His own.

Honor Him!
His knowledge is irreplaceable. Your honor will turn it into wisdom. See everything He is in new eyes. He is The One!

Each time you dishonor Him, you deny yourself. Only you can see Him for you are His one and only choice, which has always been.

October 5, 2014

The weight of understanding

It doesn’t mean that because you understand you also, automatically, have to endure.

People misunderstand this, as I once did (long ago it seems)… when I wanted more guidance than I was getting, when I demanded more help than I was receiving, when I wanted to be excused and forgiven for my mistakes, just because “I was trying/awakening” and therefore belonged to a special group of people that could escape experiencing pain, and especially having to remain in the “I don’t know” zone.

Understanding, actually endorses the person who understands, a much greater responsibly than when he used to be a victim, when he had appointed enemies, when he couldn’t realize the mirrors he was playing parts in, when he was totally submerged in the virtual reality he called life.

He has the responsibility to respond authentically to life, each moment to each situation, in his every expression.

September 30, 2014

Significant beginnings

Young children show their personal traits and characteristics from the beginning of their lives. Some of these show as qualities and some of them as faults. They both need attendance.
The qualities need to be cultivated and the faults need to be reversed and molded to reveal their creative, self-serving side.

Every child is born with a basic personality, which is unique. It is much more than the sum total of the parents' qualities and faults. 

The Self carefully chooses a long "line" of a soul-family tree, which best reveals the needs of the soul and desires of the spirit. Then, the Ego has the difficult task of "doing its best with what it has", without having all this information on the surface of the mind.

August 31, 2014

Can it be?

He’s more than my ego thinks he is...
He doesn’t show it, it’s not on public display.

Only the anointed can see past appearances of the surface reality.

The ego doesn’t want to recognize him, it wants to reject him, "keeping the space available for the One".

I must respect the ego, without falling into its traps... it wants to turn them all away, to leave me alone and stranded, searching and doubting, holding on to it as an ancient need.

August 3, 2014

Being willing to “lose”

This is even stranger than you thought. It always is, isn’t it?

And that's when it becomes clearer… because "strange" always changes something in the matrix of your perception. 

You are feeling and getting sentimental with a lot that seems to be going on within you and around you. By now, this is perfectly clear to you, as it is happening (not afterwards). 

“Getting sentimental,” means that you lose your discretion ability. That’s what happens! It’s that you start becoming too attached. And attachment narrows perception; has you “swimming in feelings, sensations and la-la land”, losing sight of the wider picture. 

July 28, 2014

The Center of Information

…And then I go on the internet and read on precisely that which I had been thinking about, as if the information is magically tied to me. But it is!

It happens all the time! I think about something and it suddenly appears in front of me. Either someone is telling me about it or I "fall on it" while surfing the net... or something even more profound, like my 7 year old daughter telling me a dream she just had, based on the exact same concepts I was thinking about a little while before.

Information doesn’t exist “out there”, regardless of you. It exists because of you. If no one paid attention to it, it would instantly disappear. And if people attached different thoughts and emotions to it, it would transform.

July 20, 2014

Innocence replaces blame

But oh, how we love fairy tales! We think/wish that we can automatically change anything by turning our focus on that which we want/wish for.

Believing the New Age mentality we are led to assume that “all we have to do” is focus on what we want, who we want to be and automatically, everything will change, our perspective will have shifted and we will be “born anew”.

If you followed these sentimental, advertising testimonials through time, you would discover to your (negative) amazement, that 9/10 they are not true; just stand-up expressions of wishful thinking and temporary excitement. Life doesn’t work that way! But we continue to hope and believe that it does. Hope and belief has us "running after rainbows" that would magically change our reality in an instant, when in reality, we fear of realizing our hidden truth.